An Apple A Day - 100 Quick Devotionals When Pressed for Time

Five inspiring testimonials

100 Daily Devotions

A daily dose of spiritual nutrition

A new book written by
Vanessa Reynolds M.D.

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Who is this book for?

You might be a busy parent, a full-time student, a hard-working professional—or maybe all of the above. But no matter how you spend your days, you still have time to nourish your soul and your relationship with God through all of the abundance he has to offer.

In An Apple A Day, Vanessa R. Reynolds, MD, first shares profound personal testimonies about the births and adoptions of her five children, relating how God used each experience to teach her the life-changing principles she has learned to live by today.

Then, for your daily dose of inspiration, this unique resource provides a collection of one hundred mini devotions, or “apples,” containing scripture passages and reflections compact enough for even the busiest of believers.

Just as an apple a day provides the nutrition your body needs, this uplifting daily devotional works to inspire spiritual growth as you reflect on bite-size doses of Christian wisdom and apply the important lessons within to your own life.

So get ready to embark on an unforgettable spiritual journey and enjoy all the blessings of a closer relationship with God—in a matter of a few minutes each and every day.